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Conflict Management & Gender Equality

In Nigeria, women have been subjected to domination by men as a result of persisting cultural stereotype, abuse of religious and traditional practices, patriarchal societal structures in which economic, political and social power are dominated by men and the women are predominantly followers of male leaders. Gender inequality feeds into conflict therefore there is need to critically analyze the specific socio-economic and political (gender issues) responsible for the continuous perpetuation of gender inequality in Nigeria and in Cross River in particular. The attainment of gender equality is not only seen as an end itself as a human right but is also a prerequisite for the achievement of sustainable development.

To respond to the challenges of gender inequality, GHF integrates the gender component into all its development programs and actively engages in conflict management activities. As a local NGO, we have unique insights into the different cultures, and a budding relationship with the local partners and therefore in a better position to give guidance to the policymakers.