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Human Rights & Good Governance

Human rights do not consist only of civil and political rights but also of economic, social and cultural rights. By this, people have the right to form and belong to groups and associations of their choice, such as students associations, trade unions, political parties and the rights to adequate standard of living.

In Nigeria, many of the avowed rights have been severely curtailed, with the government and its institutions observing these citizens’ rights in breachThe abuse of human rights is not limited to government and its agencies but is also evident among ordinary citizens for example child abuse where parents send out their children for child labor, domestic and gender-based violence etc.

It is therefore necessary and important to raise the level of people’s knowledge and awareness on human rights through a systematized literacy program because many of the citizens cannot assert their rights due to ignorance or illiteracy.

Greater Hands Foundation believes in educating the people about their human rights so that they not only assert and protect their rights but also respect those of other people which will eventually result in more harmonious relationships and peaceful co-existence. Armed with that knowledge, citizens will be in position to cry out when their rights are violated.

Literacy campaign programs on human rights are being conducted in the communities and also extended to the law enforcement agencies, such as the police, prison service, remand homes, immigration and the military so that they also begin to have respect for the rights of others.

We are also using the media as well as local groups and leaders, women’s groups, schools, artists to reach every segment of Nigerians.

GHF recognizes and values the important work undertaken by other stakeholders in Cross River State to advance human rights education, diversity, and inclusion. The organization therefore seeks to maintain and create new partnerships to strengthen human rights in Cross River State and to foster better understanding of the important issues affecting the citizens.