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Greater Hands Foundation has a Board of Advisers and a Management Team. The management team is led by Programme/Project Director;others include Project Officer, Assistant Project Officer, Finance/Administrative Officer, Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Officer and M&E Assistant.

Mrs Arit Williams
Programme / Project Director
Mrs. Arit Williams is the Programme/Project Director of Greater Hands Foundation an organization that seeks to build communities where equal sustainable economic growth and equal health is accessible by all. She also serves as the Secretary to the Board of the Organization. She is an accomplished Administrator and Programme Coordinator/Manager with more than 15 years of leadership experience in nongovernmental organizations.
Awon-Okorie Sandra Abang
Finance Manager
Awon-Okorie Sandra Abang leads and manages the financial operations, ensuring that the financial health of the organization is always improving. Her duties include monitoring cash flows, solving financial issues (financial risks), managing account payables and receivables, bank reconciliations, developing financial goals, conducting finance audit, preparing budgets and financial statements among others.
Ndep Ntui Ebam
Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) Officer
Ndep Ntui Ebam heads the Department of Monitoring and Evaluation and leads efforts in the development and implementation of an M&E system. He oversees and assesses routine program monitoring activities, and provides the relevant information to Management responsible for decision making. He assists the various program teams in data analysis and trains staff and the relevant stakeholders in data collection methodology and in the M & E system in general.
Ebak Charles Ogar
Assistant Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Officer
Ebak Charles joined Greater Hands Foundation in 2018 and he supports the M&E Officer/department as the Assistant Monitoring and Evaluation Officer. He develops competitive budgets for proposals, promotes cost-effectiveness, ensures that M&E tools are well administered according to set guidelines, programme database is updated regularly, and quarterly, biannual and annual reviews and reports are produced and disseminated as required by the stakeholders.
Emmanuel Precious
IT Officer
Emmanuel Precious is responsible for the smooth running of computer systems and ensuring users get maximum benefits from them. Specific tasks include; installing and configuring computer systems, diagnosing hardware and software faults and solving technical and applications problems. He also repairs and maintains office. He is passionate about providing IT solutions to end users in order to improve organizational productivity and empower decision makers with information.
Essien Jessica Idong
Administrative / Logistics functions
Essien Jessica Idong, is responsible for all administrative/logistics functions at Greater Hands Foundation. She maintains an overview of logistics and admin needs of the various departments, manages all procurements, and enforces compliance to organization rules, regulations and procedures. In addition, she works closely with management to address employee relationship challenges.
Iwara Abam
National Volunteer
Iwara Abam is a National Volunteer attached to the Monitoring and Evaluation Department. He assists the head of the Monitoring and Evaluation department in preparing Quarterly/Annual reports on project process. He also monitors the project activities on a regular basis to identify insufficiencies and devises/ prioritizes adequate measures to address them in order to ensure the sustainability of the projects.
Ohiero Precious Ochi
Assistant Project officer
Ohiero Precious Ochi is the Assistant Project officer, involved in the implementation and supervision of various projects of the organization. She has assembled and supervised various stakeholders that the organization is working with to reinforce compliance. She leads the organization’s efforts to discern requirements, and assign tasks and provides evidence based results of our activities in the field.
Etalaji Blessing
Programme Support Staff
Etalaji Blessing is responsible for monitoring project schedules and budgets, preparing progress reports, and liaising with key stakeholders to directly influence the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the project. She often conducts community outreaches encompassing a range of interventions and approaches in Cross River State. She is inextricably tied to the success of the projects.

Board Memebers

INA Uzong Philip
INA Uzong Philip- Director of Public Health Nursing- Dr Lawrence Henshaw memorial Hospital Calabar, Cross River State. Uzong has served the public health sector in various capacities and she has provided direct public health nursing services to the communities, implemented the primary health policies as established by the Ministry of Public health Nigeria, carried out awareness campaigns educating the public about sanitation, immunization and birth control to preserve the health of the public in general and the individual in particular.
Dr. Williams Egbe
Board Member
Dr. Williams Egbe is the senior pastor of Royal Covenant Ministry (INC) and Director of Destiny Hour Motivational Consult programmes, Cross River Broadcasting Corporation (CRBC). He has blessed many and serves as a catalyst of Revival to the body of Christ.Dr. Williams Egbe, Member Dr. Williams Egbe is the senior Pastor of Royal Covenant Ministry (INC) and Director of Destiny Hour Motivational Consult programmes, Cross River Broadcasting Corporation (CRBC). He has blessed many and serves as a catalyst of Revival to the body of Christ.