A community where equal sustainable economic growth and quality health care is accessed by all.


Our mission is to achieve sustainable economic empowerment, better health, and good governance and gender mainstreaming through strategic approaches for the development of our communities.

Strategic Objective

Striving towards improving the health, Economic and Social needs of the underprivileged in the communities where we work.


Except we care, they perish

Except we care, they perish

Our Values

Transparency and Accountability:  We uphold ourselves to high standards of transparency and accountability and seek to hold others to similar standards.

Mutual respect: We recognize each person’s innate worth, and the value of diversity.

Teamwork: We believe in the impact of team building and value the commitments, ideas, and contributions within the organization and her partners.

Passion: Driven by organizational commitments to making positive difference

Equity and justice: We believe in truth and fairness, upholding the human rights in order to ensure equal opportunity for everybody